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As with every art, cooking also requires passion, interest and time... Irrespective of doing it as a leisure activity or on a regular basis, it involves dedication. The happiness you derive out of cooking by your self and serving is endless... esp someone appreciating your recipe...how nice it feels, is it not???

You may wonder about the title of this blog..Iyer Iyengar Kitchen...I am a Tanjore Iyer married to an Iyengar and picked up cooking by learning the delicacies of both the customs....and that is what I am sharing here... Recipes popular among the Tamil Iyer & Iyengar communities..

I would be really happy if this benefits atleast few of you....if you find this useful, pass this on to your friends..

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

More Kuzhambu

Popularity:  Simple and very easy to prepare and goes very well with Paruppu Usili
(To prepare for 4/5 members)
1.       Toor Dal: 2 tbsps
2.       Gram Dal: 1 tsp
3.       Rice: 1 tsp
4.       Cummin seeds (Jeera): 2 tsps
5.       Coriander Seeds  (Kothamalli Vithai): 2 tsps
6.       Curry Leaves
7.       Coriander leaves
8.       Coconut
9.       Sour Butter Milk - 400 ml
10.   Salt
11.   Green Chillies - 5
12.   Ginger – Very Little Amount
13.   Coconut Oil - 2 tsps
14.   Mustard
15.   Any vegetable for Thaan like Ladys finger, White Pumpkin (Pooshanikkai), Seppankezhangu
Preparation Procedure:
1.       Soak Toor Dal, Gram Dal, Rice, Jeera & Coriander seeds in water for 10 to 15 mins.
2.       Grind the above soaked ingredients with coconut, green chillies, ginger & very few curry leaves.
3.       Add this mixture to the sour butter milk and add salt.
4.       For Thaan: Lady's finger, cut them like you cut for sambhar and roast them in oil in kadai till they turn colour lightly and add this to the mixture above. For vegetables like white pumpkin or Seppankezhangu, boil them in water so that they are cooked.
5.       Heat this in low flame for 5 mins
6.       Season mustard alone using coconut oil. Do NOT add asafoedita while seasoning.
7.       Add little of curry and coriander leaves at the end.


  1. What does gram dal refer to..?

  2. Kadalai Paruppu is gram dal

  3. What happens if u add asafoetida for seasoning?

    1. Might have slightly bitter taste